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What’s Coming in Peru Travel and Life

I’m still recovering (quickly, I think) from my heart attack in mid-November so I haven’t been traveling. My ability to walk has gone up exponentially , though, and I’m going to start getting out more in the area in the last few days of December. I just got my booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine so I should be fully vaccinated again around the first of the year.

The big news in Peru is that the Omicron variant of COViD-19 has been confirmed to be in Peru. It appears that 71 cases have been confirmed — a number that is going up quickly. Positivity rates of testing has been rising significantly, too. (Look for a detailed post on COVID data at the start of the new year.)

It will certainly be interesting to see how the Castillo administration, which so far has been quite incompetent in dealing with most issues, handles this new announcement. Surely they have been working as if this was an inevitability, but who knows what they’ve been doing.

A month from now (late January) we should have a good idea of the effect of not only Omicron, but of any holiday gatherings. Last year was horrible, but there were no vaccinations so no one expects another devastating wave.

What’s New in the News!

COVID and Health News

  • Almost All COVID Cases in Lima are Omicron
  • Council of Ministers Publish Charts on New Rules
  • New Rules Published Minutes Before Going Into Effect (Again)
  • COVID Cases Exploding Among Younger Adults
  • Major New Requirements for People Over Age 50 Coming to Peru
  • More Provinces Added to High Risk Alert Level
  • COVID Quarantine Time Reduced in Lima and Callao

Tourism News

Government, Economics, and Political News

  • Latest Poll on President Castillo and His Administration

Other News

  • New Hours for Lima Public Transportation
  • Beaches, Lakes, River Banks, and Pools to be Closed
  • Cellular Plans to Allow Free Roaming Across Andean Community
  • Ipsos Survey: Most Peruvians Think the Country is Disunited

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