An Example of Why You Shouldn’t be a Tourist

I’m working on a lengthy post about being a “traveler” instead of a “tourist” and, while I’m writing, thought I’d share a quick post on what motivated me to start on the subject this morning.

These photos came up as one of my Facebook “memories” from a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the place where these paintings can be viewed has been closed off during the pandemic. (They are just inside the doorway to a little courtyard on Calle Garcilaso in Cusco.)

I wish I knew some of the history behind these paintings. I’m not much of an art enthusiast, but the history behind art always captures my interest because there are real people behind paintings like these. They were created by real people to be enjoyed by real people who lived centuries ago when the world was a completely different place.

Anyone who follows what I post knows that I am constantly discovering new places, scenes, etc., on nearly every trip out because I go slowly and take in everything instead of just passing through a place to get somewhere else.

Tourists miss almost all of the most unique parts of any place. In rushing to get to the next “bucket list” spot to get their selfie — which likely looks exactly like everyone else’s selfies — they miss everything that makes a place special and unique. (I always wonder what kind of person thinks everyone wants to see 20 pictures a day of them instead of the places they are visiting.)

I post images of all kinds of unique and interesting places and sights that I come upon on Instagram and in our Facebook group. These likely don’t merit a blog post, but are usually fascinating just the same. You can follow each of these through these links:

Facebook group: Explore Cusco and Peru
Instagram: @SouthAmericanTraveler

I strongly encourage you to follow these two, in particular. I also post a LOT of news on Peru on my Twitter account (@PeruTravelnLife) that tends to focus more on news about Peruvian tourism, COVID, and government issues that affect everyone (including visitors).

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2 thoughts on “An Example of Why You Shouldn’t be a Tourist”

  1. Looks like the beginning of a Cuzqueño indigenous colonial mural.
    Is it in La Merced?
    Interesting never completed since even to this doy there are colonial style artists/painters living in Cusco.

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