ANOTHER Major Government Crisis in Peru!

Yesterday evening, President Pedro Castillo announced that he is once again appointing a new Cabinet including a new Prime Minister only three days after swearing in the latest ministers. The next Prime Minister will be the fourth in barely six months since Castillo took office in last July 28.

The announcement came after questions about the Prime Minister, Héctor Valer, and other ministers including allegations of domestic violence against Valer. Earlier in the day, Congress to refuse to hear the Valer after he requested to appear before Congress to present the policies of the new Cabinet.

Apparently the allegations of domestic abuse by Valer against his deceased wife and daughter were known and yet Castillo still appointed him to the second highest position of power in the country.

Castillo did not accept any blame for the appointment of Valer which several of his own Cabinet Ministers have publicly opposed over the past week. Instead he said the Cabinet change was the fault of Congress.

Despite expectations and meeting that went late into the preceding night after Castillo arrived from a visit to Brazil and its President Bolsonaro, the President did not announce a new Prime Minister and has yet to do so as of nearly 10 am this morning.

Once again calls are coming from many leaders across the country for Castillo to resign. He has recently split from his own leftist political party which is now rejecting him and appears to be losing support across the entire country quickly as the situation deteriorates.

Incredibly divisive appointments have been a hallmark of President Castillo since the beginning of his administration. A large number of his own Ministers and officials surrounding him have resigned as a result of apparent inability to lead and concerns over both acceptance of corruption as in the case of the recent resignation of the Minister of the Interior who was trying to fight police corruption without the support of Castillo.

Apparently Castillo is being advised by a nearly secret group of private advisors who have reportedly been given unprecedented access to meetings that are not normally afforded to those not officially part of the government.

Concerns over Presidential dissolvement of Congress is a major concern that underlies everything that is happening right now and could cause a lot of trouble across Peru.

According to the Constitution, If Congress fails to grant a vote of confidence twice to Castillo’s Cabinet, then he can dissolve Congress and call for new elections. There is concern that he will resort to appointing extreme personalities in the hopes of forcing their hand so he can force new Congressional elections. It is unclear that the national police and and the military will give him the support that he needs as they did when President Vizcarra dissolved Congress in a similar situation three years ago.

If such a major crisis does occur, the likelihood of extreme protests across the country is almost a certainty. Such massive political instability will will result in a serious economic crisis that may have extreme long term effects.

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