Filming is Such a Pain, but So Much Fun!

I’ve really been having fun with video after getting away from it for awhile with photography. (To be honest, editing photos is much easier than editing video and it’s a place where I have a little more talent.)

This week I wanted to spend more time with my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (BMPCC 4K) just because I like what it does despite how much is involved in producing even the simplest projects.

With the rainy season appearing to finally be coming to an end, the weather has been gorgeous. It is so mice to go out and not worry about a thunderstorm suddenly appearing over the mountains when you’re far from any shelter. I’ve spent a lot of time under rock overhangs and in shallow caves waiting for storms to end. I’ve even been caught in the high mountains around 15,000′ (500m) by unexpected storms that can appear at any time. That is NO fun.

These two very short films were made both to get me out of the house, but also to get used to the camera again and practice techniques both in filming, but also in editing. They were fun to make and I hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget to leave a comment and, if you like these, please subscribe to my channel.

(It’s also nice to forget about the political and social unrest that are rocking Peru right now.)

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3 thoughts on “Filming is Such a Pain, but So Much Fun!”

  1. Nice work. Fascinating how the widescreen format somehow transports you into the scene much more effectively than the commonplace Instagram-style videos.

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