How To Show Proof of Vaccination in Peru

In four days on Friday, December 10, the new rules in Peru will now require that only those who are fully vaccinated can enter “enclosed spaces” as well as travel domestically by land or air (for those over the age of 18) which implies that unvaccinated people will be closed out of most public places as well as public interprovincial travel.

Obviously, the most obvious way to prove vaccination status is by showing your card, but a lot of us have been keeping our vaccination cards safe and secure at home just for the possibility of this situation.

Thanks to Andrew Dare, another easier way is available that he shared with me over the weekend.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) has set up an online system through which anyone vaccinated in Peru can access a QR code which can be scanned and immediately show your vaccination status as well as provide a certificate that can also be carried either digitally on your phone or printed out to carry. (I’ve done both as no one really knows yet how this new law will be enforced.)

Simply go here and, after quickly inputting some personal identification information — no usernames or passwords necessary — your status will come up:

It is a very quick and simple process. All kinds of documentation is accepted included your DNI, CE, passport, etc.

Once you are in, here is even a link to submit all the required data if your vaccination is not yet showing up in the system.

I saved the QR to both my phone and my iPad and saved a copy of the certificate as a PDF document in iBooks to show. (There might be an easier way to carry it, but that worked easy for me to use.

The QR code I saved as a “photo” and made it a favorite so it would be easy to find later.

Thanks a ton for sharing this with everyone, Bear!

(I encourage everyone to share this post with their friends as it is going to have a huge effect on the country in just a few days.)

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12 thoughts on “How To Show Proof of Vaccination in Peru”

    1. It is really easy to get everything on your phone. I’m also going to carry a copy of my certificate in my backpack just to make it even easier.

      Of course, who knows how this is going to be enforced. I simply can’t imagine that it will be enforced in most smaller places. It’s all up to the police and they haven’t done any enforcement of simple things like mask wearing for many, many months.

  1. Thanks Philip. Super helpful to have the link. Can´t believe how efficiently it works. Well done Peru!

    In your readings, have you seen any reference to whether there is a 14 day post-second-dose waiting period before either flying or access to enclosed spaces? I have a domestic flight this week after second dose, but before 14 days are up…

    Best, Mark

    1. I haven’t seen any details (and I check several times daily) about 14-days after the second dose, but I’d bet a lot that they will only be checking to see if you are registered as having 2 doses without looking at the dates.

      It’s going to be wild in the airports on Friday! I can’t wait to hear how this is all being enforced.

        1. I’m going to visit several places like grocery stores and restaurants to see how it’s being enforced here. I’m VERY curious to see what it will be like.

  2. Thank you Philip, wanted to chime in here with my case. I got my first two doses of the vaccine (Moderna) in the US in January/February 2021. I *just* got my third dose in Arequipa (Pfizer) and in order to do that I registered my vaccine at I had to present a copy of my CE and vaccine card, and they wrote on my US Vaccine card that I got my third dose.

    I was curious if, having received my third dose here, I would be able to download the QR code with this Minsa site, but I do not show up in their system. I only got my third dose (first dose to receive in Peru) 4 days ago, so I will try again on Friday.

    1. You might try going to the local Minsa or Diresa office and asking for their help. It’s possible they can put you in the system at their location manually in a few moments. I’ve found that the health personnel in Cusco have been extremely friendly and helpful to this foreigner when I had questions while getting my shots.

      It’s also possible that it will just take awhile for them to catch up. I imagine they are working non-stop trying to get everyone in before Friday.

    2. I think it’s just the volume of work needed, as Philip says, everyone I have seen has been super-friendly & helpful & I think they just have SO much data entry work to do.

      It took just over 4 months for my data to show up on the MINSA site………… !!!

  3. Some people might not show up in the system yet, but save the website link & keep checking.
    I had been checking every few weeks for several months before I found my details were online.
    I guess it must take a long, long time to enter all the data for everyone in the country eh !

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