Huge Travel and Mobility Restrictions in Peru Announced

According to RPP Noticias, the Peruvian government announced a new set of regulations that will be go into effect on Friday, December 10, including the requirement that those over 18 must be fully vaccinated to enter enclosed spaces. This rule was set to go into effect on December 15 but has now been moved up.

For interprovincial transportation, two doses of a vaccine or a molecular test within 48 hours will be required for all persons over 18 years of age. (The previous requirement applied only to those over 45 years of age). For domestic air transportation, any person over 18 years of age must have two doses or a certificate of a molecular test.

Land borders will once again be closed and that from December 10 every company with more than 10 workers in on-site activities must have two doses of the vaccine.

Drivers and money collectors of all public transportation units, as well as delivery service workers, will only be allowed to operate if they can prove that they have received their complete vaccination schedule against COVID-19 in Peru or abroad.

The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, in an interview with RPP Noticias, said curfews will be adjusted to 1:00 am to 4:00 am, except in high risk provinces, as announced by the Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos. In high risk provinces, the curfew hours will be extended to 11:00 pm to 4:00 am. The hour are for the holiday season only. (Previous allowances for people traveling to the airport, needing to travel for medical reasons, etc., are all still permissible.)

“What we want is to avoid circulation, parties and this type of meetings that last year’s experience was really very complicated,” said Cevallos. “As the days progress we will see if some more restrictive measures are necessary or not. We do not want to affect the economy, but we need to manage these situations.”

Protocols and guidelines for the control of companies with more than 10 people working in person will be finalized and published in the next day or two.

Official publication of the Supreme Decree which will officially put all of this into effect is expected to be published on Friday.

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2 thoughts on “Huge Travel and Mobility Restrictions in Peru Announced”

  1. Hi Philip.
    Since your article on the new travel updates I have been investigating this morning …. (just thinking about what if some policeman gets over-excited & would not accept my phone images of my vaccine card..!!

    Although Peru was slower than others to get the vaccination program up to speed, it now has actually got a brilliant system in place. The information they took when you visited the vaccine centre has been recorded and even if you do not have a Peruvian DNI, their system still works.

    I just checked with my CE information & all my vaccination info came up straight away with my Name, Date of Birth, the Vaccine Name, Date, Lot No. & for both vaccines – Brilliant !!
    The site also generates a QR Code & a PDF certificate too, which you can store on you phone or print out – which has to help.

    Also there is a link too, in case your information does not show up, where you can submit it manually to MINSA.

    So I suggest if people have not already, they have a look at the link below to check if they are registered in the system too & go get their QR Code / Certificate. Peru Gov Health website MINSA:

    Cheers, Oso

    (Phillip – Maybe you want to make a new blog post to help people about this process, with the website info, some [redacted] screenshots & why it will help.)

    1. Thanks a ton for this, Bear! I will definitely do a post with all this information ASAP as soon a I get back home.

      I had tried to check with another Minsa link (possibly regional, but I can’t remember) several months ago and nothing came up, but it popped up just like for you this morning when I checked.

      Having a QR code and a PDF certificate is so much better than having to carry the original or even just to show it on the phone. Of course, I’m really wondering how it’s going to be enforced. I talked to Gary earlier this week and he wasn’t happy that enforcement was being being put on business owners without much (or any) guidance. I don’t blame him.

      [I just tested the QR code and, using my phone camera, it took me straight to the page with my vaccine verification data — quick and easy.]

      Thanks again for this!

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