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I’ve been really frustrated with myself lately for not doing more videos. While I’m not too bad with “cinematic” filmmaking, the more popular YouTube-type videos are something I am extremely uncomfortable doing.

When watching videos about advice from people who have been producing content on YouTube for a very long time, there are a couple of common themes that come up consistently among all of them.

One thing they wish they’d understood better is how to overcome the fear of actually getting in front of the camera and producing a something to share with others. Even more universally expressed is the initial need to just start without worrying. Putting off making videos results in zero improvement and the need to learn through practice is the real key.

I have a trip to Arequipa planned for about 2 weeks from now and will have the opportunity to do some work in a place I’ve never visited before. That means I also have two weeks to practice and get a little better by producing some video about the city and region where I live — Cusco.

I’ve come up with a couple of ideas about potential topics/themes to focus on, but would love some suggestions on what you would be most interested in seeing.

First, anyone who reads my work knows that I am constantly talking about “exploring” and “experiencing” a place rather than just passing through and checking it off a Bucket List of items. I thought it would interesting to do some videos along this theme by exploring more in-depth than the usual YouTube travel videos.

I also thought about doing something along the “day-in-the-life” themed videos where I show what daily life is really like here for normal people. I wonder if those who don’t know the city would be interested in what it’s like to get groceries, get around on a bus, travel to another town a few miles away, or just walk down a street away from the tourist center(s).

The amount of misinformation that is shared across social media by tourists (and even some expats) who don’t get out of Cusco’s historical center is often amazing. (I love it when people talk about how they “know” a place because they spent a week there as a tourist!)

Another topic I thought about is doing something about how to get better photographs. I watch people take their typical tourist photos and I want to go over and say, “let me show you a few simple ways to get far better pics that you’ll be proud to share with your family and friends.”

Of course, for those who just want to take selfies of themselves, it’s really about themselves anyway and nothing to do with the place. (Do some people really think other places and people want to experience them instead of the other way round? It sure seems like it.)

Maybe a video about how to get better photos and the best places to find beautiful scenes would be interesting? What do you think?

Do you have any suggestions or tips or anything that will help me get past this block that is keeping me from producing more videos? I use the excuse that I’m much better at photography, but I can’t make excuses.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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3 thoughts on “I Need Your Advice on Videos”

  1. a day in the life of what you are experiencing as it is happening sounds interesting to me. You can always edit out things you think might be redundant. But just experience your walks in pictures is always fun, so in video even more detail. just my two cents

  2. Donna Bringenberg

    I think a day in the life is a good idea. I myself have traveled to Peru 9 times for a variety of reasons. It may be interesting to make videos of some of the reasons your viewers go to Peru. If volunteering is a way to get to intermingle with locals outside the historical center of Cusco then perhaps doing a video or two on non profits and how they support the local culture to support their needs and needs if their families

  3. Hi there…
    Lots to think about…some themes will take more time to contemplate.
    As for videos, practicing the technical aspects can be done anywhere; you could do videos of your cat, or birds in your yard, things around your neighborhood, etc to get skilled at the technical aspect without feeling the pressure to do that with pressure of “producing” a finished “product” (assuming part of your uncomfortability is getting your equipment to function in tune with your intention). I don’t completely know what it is about video that causes your discomfort so this is probably off point…lol.
    I like the idea of giving photography tips on YouTube. Alot of folks turn to YouTube for instructional materials. That way, people can watch and listen as many times as necessary to understand your message.
    Creating stories about everyday things can often transform the mundane to something transcendent. I do think it could involve alot of editing to keep it interesting to a TV viewer. However, it puts you in a place where unexpected images can occur.
    Personally, as a traveler and not a tourist, i ask: PLEASE do not show the world too much of how to get to off the beaten track places. Maybe mention them, show some images of why it is so special because you think those places are amazing…but dont give out a road map. If people are really drawn there, the name is enough to allow them to figure it out for themselves. These out of the way places have not yet been over run by day trippers (think Rainbow Mountain or even Coyeriti pilgrimage now offered by comnercial tour companies in Cusco). Enough on that thanks..lol.
    Unusual things anywhere are fascinating. It takes time and a network to develop knowledge and access to these places and people. I need to think about this more.
    Any comments you have in response are welcome by me too.
    Best wishes always

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