Inca Trail in Cusco? Of Course!

Everyone who comes to Cusco knows about the famous “Inca Trail,” but few visitors know that there is an Inca Road that you can walk right out of the Plaza de Armas!

Originally there were four main roads leading out of Cusco. One of those, the Camino del Inca al Antisuyo, still exists today and much of what remains is still the original road.

You can walk this path for about 3 miles into the hills above Cusco, but the first part leading up to the Pisac highway is a quick, easy hike that provides a glimpse of the original road and leads to spectacular views above the city.

Simply start next to the Cathedral and head north along Calle Triunfo. Almost every visitor to the city walks part of this road without knowing it’s significance. As you climb higher, you’ll see some of the original road that has been uncovered. Expect the trail to be busy as it’s heavily used by people living in the neighborhoods above the city.

Here’s a 28-second hyperlapse of the road to give you a bit of an idea what it’s like and where it goes:

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