Lago Sandoval After a Year and a Half

Last week I spent a couple of days in Puerto Maldonado in the southern Peruvian Amazon rainforest including a day trip to Lago Sandoval. I hadn’t been there since early 2020, but I really didn’t expect a lot to be different. They weren’t.

Sadly, the number of animals seen were disappointingly low compared to past trips, but Lago Sandoval — part of the Tambopata Reserve — never really disappoints as it’s the best chance in Peru to easily experience real rainforest.

Fortunately, the weather was nice and the light cloud cover was nearly perfect for photos. We saw a handful of distant monkeys, but some of the more iconic animals such as the giant otters and hoatzins were strangely absent.

Despite not having a lens for shooting wildlife photos, I managed to get a few good shots during the trip. Being in the rainforest is impossible to describe. It’s one of the places that you have to experience to really understand. (Be sure to click on each photo to see a larger version.)

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