Lima and Callao Under Lockdown Today

Last night at midnight Peruvian President Pedro Castillo announced that Lima and Callao would go into lockdown (“social immobilization at 2 am last all day Tuesday, April 5, in response to protests which have resulted in violence and looting across those provinces.

“The Council of Ministers has approved the declaration of citizen immobility (curfew) from 2 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 5 to safeguard the fundamental rights of all people, which will not prevent the supply of essential services to all Peruvians,” said Castillo.

According to the Supreme Decree Nº 034-2022-PCM published in El Peruano, during the mandatory social immobilization, those working in the following areas will be able to continue providing services: health, medicine, continuity of water, sanitation, electric power, gas, fuel, telecommunications and related activities, cleaning and solid waste collection, funeral services, cargo and goods transportation and related activities.

Almost immediately opposition was voiced across the country including the timing of the midnight announcement that will come as a surprise to millions when they awake this morning. Cries of “dictatorship” responding so harshly to legal protests were voiced overnight and will likely grow much stronger today as the Castillo administration finds itself unable to deal with the issues behind the protests.

The president of Congress, Maria del Carmen Alva, said that the President and the Council of Ministers do not have the authority to interfere with Congress and that the legislature will operate normally today. She also reiterated Congress’ request that President Castillo come to Congress at 3 pm today.

The Peruvian Ombudsman’s Office said that “the measure adopted by the Executive Power is unconstitutional due to the absence of due motivation and for being absolutely disproportionate in relation to the facts of social protest registered in Lima and Callao.”

The Ombudsman’s Office recalled that the Constitutional Court “in repeated jurisprudence” has pointed out that states of emergency and the measures imposed under them must respond inexcusably to the criteria of proportionality and necessity.

Already this morning at 6 am there are reports of dozens of people trying to reach their place of work because they are not aware of the lockdown. The number will likely grow to hundreds and even thousands very quickly.

In the middle of the night, Lima’s Jorge Chavez Airport announced that they would be operating, but recommended that passengers contact their airlines to know the situation regarding specific flights. They also recommended carrying boarding passes and identification if trying to reach the airport today and be aware that transportation may be restricted.

As written, the Decree makes no allowances for travel to and from the airport meaning that flights will likely be suspended today leaving thousands of travelers stranded.

The Urban Transportation Authority (ATU) for Lima and Callao said that all public transportation routes in Metropolitan Lima and Callao, as well as the concessioned services of the Metropolitano and Complementary Corridors will not be operating.

The ATU said that the measure is established in response to the traffic restriction ordered by the government and that taxis along with special school, tourist and workers’ transportation will not be able to provide service as well.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced that COVID vaccination centers in Lima and Callao will be closed today.

[I said yesterday that I feared the strong tactics that the Castillo administration could resort to using because they do not have the competence to deal with the underlying issues. It didn’t take long before I was proven correct.]

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