Machupicchu Pueblo Landslide: Sunday Update

Cleanup continues at Machupicchu Pueblo (Aguas Calientes). There are currently four backhoes working to remove debris along the main tracks coming through the town. The mayor of the town, Darwin Baca, said it could take three or four days to complete the cleanup due to the heavy amount of debris left behind.

Baca also said that Ferrocarril Transandino S.A. (Fetransa), concessionaire of the railway line will evaluate the situation of the lost railway bridges once cleaning has been completed. He said that he believes this will “take come time” according to La Republica.

The head of the Office of Disaster Risk Management of the District Municipality of Machupicchu, Gilmar Perez, explained that the overflowing of the Allcamayo river occurred due to landslides in the upper part of the basin as a result of the heavy rains. Pérez also said that the basin was permanently monitored and there were even watchmen in the area, but last Thursday the alarms could not be activated because thunderstorms had knocked out electrical power.

There is still no word about the the missing 55-year-old man.

Amazingly, guides on Facebook are still pushing for people to sign up to visit Machu Picchu. One even said that things might be normal by Tuesday! (This is just one more reason why I tell people to be very, very careful of the guides and agencies.)

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