New Rules for Peru Announced

This afternoon the Council of Ministers announced new rules and regulations for Peru which will go into effect on Monday, January 31, and will last through February 13. Many of the provisions had already been announced, but the effective date had been unclear (and was even announced incorrectly by the Minister of Health). The new rules were published in Supreme Decree 010-2022 PCM as officially published in the newspaper El Peruano.

The National State of Emergency has been extended for 28 days beginning on February 1. Primarily this gives the administration some powers to act during the pandemic and also allows law enforcement to suspend some rights when carrying out enforcement of policies stated in the relevant decrees.

The most surprising rule was the suspension of curfews across all of the country despite 78 provinces being raised to the High Risk Alert Level. (All other provinces remain at the Moderate Risk Alert Level.)

Parades, patron saint festivities and civil activities are suspended, as well as any type of meeting, social, political or other event involving concentration or agglomeration of people, which may put public health at risk. Social gatherings, including those held in homes, are prohibited.

Those High Risk Alert Level provinces are: Lima, Callao Tambopata, Zarumilla, Coronel Portillo, Tacna, Jorge Basadre, San Martin, Lampa, Melgar, Azángaro, Canchis, La Convención, Huancavelica, Tayacaja, Lucanas, Huanta, La Mar, Cajamarca, Jaén, Chota, Hualgayoc, Cajabamba, Camaná, Islay, Caylloma, Castilla, Huaraz, Huaylas, Casma, Ferreñafe, Lambayeque, Puno, San Román, Tumbes, Arequipa, Huamanga, Huánuco, Huancayo, Abancay, Andahuaylas, Chachapoyas, Bagua, Utcubamba, Pacasmayo, Chepén, Ascope, Ica, Chincha, Nazca, Pisco, Chanchamayo, Satipo, Tarma, Jauja, Leoncio Prado, Talara, Paita, Morropón, Sechura, Alto Amazonas, Loreto, Mariscal Nieto, Ilo, Pasco, Oxapampa, Cañete, Huaura, Huaral, Barranca, Huarochirí, Chiclayo, Piura, Sullana, Trujillo, Santa, Cusco and Maynas.

it is still mandatory to wear a KN95 mask or two masks including a three-fold surgical mask and a cloth mask. Masks should only be removed in restaurants when eating.

Those over 18 years of age who wish to enter crowded places such as shopping malls, markets, as well as public and private institutions, must present their physical or virtual ID card that proves they have completed, in Peru and/or abroad, their vaccination schedule against COVID-19, and the booster dose for those over 40 years of age who are eligible to receive it.

Peruvian citizens, resident foreigners and non-resident foreigners aged 12 years and older whose final destination is the national territory, as passengers and regardless of their country of origin, must prove that they have completed, in Peru and/or abroad, their vaccination schedule against COVID-19 or present a negative molecular test with a result date no more than 48 hours before boarding at their point of origin.

Those persons showing symptoms upon arrival to national territory are subject to mandatory isolation, according to regulations on the matter.

For the use of beaches, rivers, lakes or lagoons, as well as public and private swimming pools where training or therapeutic activities are carried out, located in the provinces with moderate, high and very high alert levels, the physical or virtual card certifying having completed, in Peru and/or abroad, their vaccination schedule against COVID-19, and the booster dose for those over 40 years of age who are authorized to receive it according to the current protocol, must be presented.

For those provinces under High Risk Alert Level designation, the following capacity limits will be in effect:

  • Shopping centers, commercial galleries, department stores, stores in general and conglomerates: 60%.
  • Stores supplying basic necessities, supermarkets, markets, warehouses and pharmacies: 60%.
  • Restaurants and similar, whose customer service area (lounge, bar and waiting room) total less than 200 square meters in internal areas: 60%.
  • Restaurants and related businesses, whose customer service area (lounge, bar and waiting room) total 200 square meters or more in internal areas: 80%.
  • Casinos and slot machines: 40% Cinemas and performing arts: 60%.
  • Banks and other financial institutions: 60%.
  • Temples and places of worship: 60%.
  • Libraries, museums, cultural centers and art galleries: 80%.
  • Activities of sports clubs and associations (contact sports): 60%.
  • Activities of sports clubs and associations (non-contact sports): 60%
  • Business and professional events: 60%.
  • Hairdressing and barbering: 60%
  • Spa, Turkish baths, sauna, thermal baths: 40%
  • Coliseums: 60%
  • Gyms: 60% Gymnasiums
  • Activities in open spaces (respecting capacity and protocols, subject to authorization by local governments within the framework of their competencies):
  • Performing arts.
  • Cultural education
  • Restaurants and related activities in open-air areas.
  • Protected natural areas, botanical gardens, archeological monuments or areas, open-air museums and zoos.
  • Outdoor thermal baths
  • Outdoor sports club and association activities
  • Outdoor business and professional events
  • Traveling markets
  • Sports stadiums (full vaccination schedule plus booster dose): 50%.

UPDATE: The administration released these charts to help make the rules a little clearer. (This is particularly impressive as in the past rules were released as soon as minutes before they went into effect and explanatory charts came severa days later, if at all.)

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  1. Thanks for the update. My friend is over 40 and wants to know when she needs to get her booster. It says in the decree those authorised to receive it, so is that 3 months after the 2nd shot in Peru or is it longer? She thought it was 6 months. If you have any idea, can you let me know. I didnt see anything about that in the decree. Thanks

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