New Rules for Peru Under COVID-19

This morning the Peruvian government announced through Supreme Decree 17-2021-PCM new rules that for the country that go into effect tomorrow and will continue through December 12. The biggest change is the opening of some land borders described below and coming new requirements for air passengers over age 45.

Most of the country remains under the Moderate Risk Alert Level designation, but the following provinces (noted with their region in parenthesis) will be at the High Risk Alert level for the next two weeks

  • Chepén (La Libertad)
  • Concepción (Junín)
  • Huamanga (Ayacucho)
  • Santa (Ancash)
  • Sullana (Piura)
  • Piura (Piura)
  • Sechura (Piura)
  • Huancavelica (Huancavelica)
  • Talara (Piura)
  • Virú (La Libertad)

In the moderate alert levels, the curfew continues form 2:00 – 4:00 am each day.
In the high alert levels, the curfew is extended from 11:00 pm – 4:00 am each day.

Land borders with Chile and Ecuador will be opened for the first time in nearly 2 years. Those wishing to enter Peru must meet the following restrictions similar to international air arrivals:

“Those over 18 years of age who wish to enter the country must prove, physically or digitally, that they have completed their vaccination scheme in Peru and/or abroad. In case they do not have the complete scheme, or cannot prove it, they will be allowed to enter if they prove they have a negative molecular test (PCR), the result of which was obtained within 72 hours before entering Peru. Those persons who show symptoms upon entering the national territory are subject to compulsory isolation, according to regulations on the subject.”

– Section 15.3

Land borders with Colombia, Bolivia, and Brazil will remain closed except for cargo transportation as before.

Also, a new rule will go into effect on December 15 for domestic air passengers over the age of 45:

“As of December 15, 2021, passengers of the national air transport service over 45 years of age, in the four (4) alert levels, will only be able to board if they accredit their complete vaccination dose in Peru or abroad; otherwise, they can present a negative molecular test with a result date no more than 72 hours before boarding.”

Section 14.9

This is in addition to the same requirement previously announced for domestic interprovincial land passengers also beginning on December 15.

Also on December 15 anyone over 18 will be required to provide physical or virtual proof of vaccination when entering “enclosed spaces” and, in the case of restaurants, mass are required except when actual “ingesting” food/drink.

UPDATE: Here are charts released by the Council of Ministers detailing the restrictions in effect through December 12:

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