Omicron Confirmed in Peru

Peru’s Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, confirmed yesterday that four people have tested positive for the omicron variant of COVID-19 in the country. [NOTE: This morning RPP Noticias is reported that the number of confirmed cases has risen to 12 indicating the rapid transmissibility of this variant.]

The cases are already being monitored by the National Institute of Health (INS) to know their itinerary and identify the people with whom they had contact.

“All measures have been taken in the case, the follow-up is being done, search for contacts and at this moment the INS and all Minsa agencies are moving to know the itinerary that these people have followed, if they have attended meetings, and establish an effective epidemiological fence,” said Cevallos.

In addition to the four confirmed cases, the minister indicated that there are two other probable cases of omicron. These are people who had contact with the infected persons. They have already undergone the corresponding tests to know which variant they carry.

“There are two other people who have been in contact with them and have tested positive to the PCR test and we are starting the follow-up to see if this positivity belongs to delta, which is the most frequent, or if it corresponds to omicron”, said Cevallos.

Nearby countries such as Chile, Brazil and Ecuador have already reported confirmed cases of omicron.

In response, the Ministry of Health (Minsa), through the National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Disease Control (CDC), issued an epidemiological alert to public and private health facilities

The National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Disease Control (CDC) has detailed a series of actions for dissemination, implementation and compliance in order to intensify epidemiological surveillance and genomic surveillance in the country.

The CDC stressed the need to close vaccination gaps in order to achieve optimal coverage above 90% in first and second doses, as well as booster vaccination with the third dose.

Cevallos called for compliance with basic general prevention measures such as physical distancing, use of double masks, hand washing, ventilation of spaces and not attending social events with crowds of people.

Cevallos reiterated to the population the importance of completing their vaccination against COVID-19, since the vaccine is the most effective way to avoid becoming seriously ill.

“Omicron is a variant that has been declared by the WHO as worrying because of its speed of contagion and because it generates a degree of immunological leakage mocking the effectiveness of the vaccine, then that is more than enough for all of us to get vaccinated. The vaccine turns out to be the most effective tool to avoid the aggravation of the patients in each of the variants”, the Minister pointed out.

For those us who live in Cusco, the number of tourists from the US who deliberately and arrogantly ignore the mask requirements have been a signal that the Omicron variant is almost certainly already here brought by those who don’t care where they spread this deadly virus.

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3 thoughts on “Omicron Confirmed in Peru”

  1. It’s the same here in the US and there just seems to be people who simply don’t care and have no respect for the lives of others. unfortunately there is no vaccine for that.

    1. I am seeing so many photos of large, unmasked groups shared on Facebook. I expect to see a lot more during the holiday season. It’s scary what could be coming following Christmas and New Year.

      I just don’t understand. The science is out there and based on billions of data points, but millions of people still refuse to accept the conclusions of highly educated people who spend their lives studying this stuff. Instead, they prefer to take their lead from YouTube videos produced by people whose sole interest is making tons of money over the ignorance of their viewers.

  2. Thanks for your personal note at the end. As expats, we have the greater responsibility to abide by the laws andwatch out for the wellbeing of the locals.

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