Peruvian Cabinet 4.0 Announced

After many days without a cabinet, Peruvian President Pedro Castillo announced his fourth cabinet is just over 6 months last night — the most in Peruvian democratic history.

Aníbal Torres was sworn in as the new president of the Council of Ministers replacing Héctor Valer Pinto, who resigned just four days after accepting the position.

The other Ministers sworn in last night are:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: César Rodrigo Landa Arroyo (ratified)
  • Ministry of Defense: José Luis Gavidia Arrascue (ratified)
  • Ministry of Economy: Oscar Miguel Graham Yamahuchi (ratified)
  • Ministry of the Interior: Alfonso Gilberto Chavarry (ratified)
  • Ministry of Justice and Human Rights: Ángel Fernando Yldefonso Narro (replacing Aníbal Torres)
  • Ministry of Education: Rosendo Leoncio Serna Román (ratified)
  • Ministry of Health: Hernán Condori Machado (replaces Hernando Cevallos)
  • Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation: Óscar Zea Choquechambi (replaces Alberto Ramos)
  • Ministry of Labor: Betsy Chavez (ratified)
  • Ministry of Production: Jorge Luis Prado Palomino (ratified)
  • Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism: Roberto Sánchez (ratified)
  • Minister of Energy and Mines: Carlos Sabino Palacios Pérez (replaces Alessandra Herrera Jara)
  • Minister of Transportation and Communications: Juan Silva Villegas (ratified)
  • Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation: Geiner Alvarado López (ratified)
  • Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations: Diana Mirian Miloslavich Tupac (replaces Katy Ugarte Mamani)
  • Ministry of Environment: Modesto Montoya Zavaleta (replaces Wilber Supo)
  • Ministry of Culture: Alejandro Salas (ratified)
  • Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion: Dina Boluarte (ratified)

While much has been made in the past few days about a major overhaul in the Cabinet to make it more inclusive, almost the entire previous Cabinet was left in power.

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