Photo Stroll Through the Qoricancha

Yesterday the weather turned out to be overcast which resulted in optimal conditions for getting some decent photos of the Qoricancha in Cusco, so I quickly made the ten minute walk from my home), paid the 15 soles entrance fee, and started exploring.

I thought I’d share some of the photos I took yesterday along with a few personal observations. Be sure to click on each individual pic to see a full size version!

Every time I visit a site, I always seem to find new perspectives from which to look at what is left of the marvelous integration of Inca and Spanish colonial architecture throughout Cusco.

I love the majestic courtyard and the surrounding colonnaded walkways that probably look almost exactly the same as they did when it opened nearly 350 years ago.

To me, these Inca rooms are uniquely impressive only in that they are examples of the wondrous stone-working abilities of Inca architects. Despite being centuries old, it’s still hard to find a place where you can find the tiniest bit of space between stones despite the lack if any kind of mortar between the stones.

You can see the walls angling in significantly in this room.

Guides like to point out the possibility that the frequent angling of walls inward (6-8°) reduces the effects of earthquakes, but there are places visible where walls have shifted almost certainly due to the frequent earthquakes (including the two massive earthquakes of 1650 and 1950) that occur in this area.

Notice the three sacred animals — condor, puma, and snake — in the garden at the lower left.

One of my favorite parts of the Qoricancha in Cusco and the Convento are the gardens. Let me say that I am NOT a plant or a flower guy, but the color you find in the gardens are truly brilliant. It’s surprising how much color is still to be found despite it being winter here in Cusco. (Visitors who visit in the summer find the region to be full of gorgeous colors.)

Let me know what you think — especially if you’ve been to the Qoricancha before.

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