Renovations of Inca Construction in Cusco

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Yesterday I posted the picture above on Facebook with the caption “Not sure how to feel about this plastering over an ancient Inca wall on Calle Romeritos.”

I frankly couldn’t believe that a business would be allowed to do something like this without authorization as it looked like they were matching the lower Inca wall with the colonial white walls a few feet above.

Thanks to some friends here with a lot more knowledge than me, now it makes sense. It’s actually part of renovations done to clean the centuries-old Inca wall from things like fingerprint oil that accumulate over time. (Similar renovations have been taking place in Cusco besides this wall, too, in areas I don’t frequent as much.)

Looking back, I remember when a similar “plaster” covering was removed from the ScotiaBank wall on Calle Maruri. At the time I didn’t really pay much attention as a clean wall was revealed underneath.

Thank you, Abraham, Simon, and Isabel for educating me on something good that is happening to conserve Cusco’s Inca legacy!

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