Video: Inca Stonework Above Cusco

Over a year ago I took one of my video cameras up into the mountains above my apartment and filmed a small Inca site that has intrigued me for quite while.

The amount of scattered carved stonework of quite high quality on a hillside caught my attention several years ago. Sadly, like just about everywhere in this area, almost everyone follow the trails and go from one well-known site to another without ever othering to step off the trail to see what else there is to see. (The hills and mountainsides surrounding Cusco are filled with hundreds — probably thousands — of Inca and pre-Inca sites, but almost no one ever bothers to look for them.)

This one is quite different from others because the amazing stonework doesn’t fit any kind of pattern. It appears to be a jumbled collection of unrelated stones all in one relatively small area that doesn’t contain anything else except what’s left of a small building.

The only conclusion that makes sense is that it is was either a site under construction — it does sit in a valley along which are several other significant sites between Cusco and Tambomachay — or that it was perhaps simply a “workshop area for stonework that would be moved downhill to another major (and apparently unfinished) site.

The number of “channel” cuts does fit with my idea that perhaps the surrounding area had a much more likely intent other than the mythology that currently is accepted with no apparent source.

Here’s the little video of some of the stonework in this spot. It’s likely part of a larger complex of sites that had water as the central theme. (Anyone who spends any time studying Inca sites knows that water is probably a far more important theme than even the sun as so many like to claim.)

What caught my attention was that this video has over 2100 views. That’s not much for YouTube, but it certainly is a huge number for one of my little videos. I’m sure the title of “Inca Stonework” caught the attention of many including, as evidenced by some of the ridiculous comments, some of the “ancient megalithic civilization” community who get their education from social media and YouTube videos instead of real research. (If I reposted the video with the name “Proof that Ancient Aliens Were in Peru” the same video would likely have hundreds of thousands of views!)

I gave up trying to ask questions of people who refuse to provide any sources for conclusions made about a place they have never visited and know absolutely nothing about. I’ll just let them live in their fantasy worlds.

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2 thoughts on “Video: Inca Stonework Above Cusco”

  1. Dear Philip,
    we like your blog so much, thanks for all this interesting information and beautiful pictures!
    We also found some similar rocks, in a valley above Cusco. Wonder if you know this place.
    Like to send you some pictures, but don’t know how we best can do this.
    Best regards, Herlinde & Marc

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