Why COVID Deaths in Peru Have Dropped 96.5% Since April

The impressive results of Peru’s massive vaccination campaign has become extremely clear and undeniable. While the total number of deaths just topped 200,000, the number of average deaths each day has plummeted since the vaccine campaign began and it continues to steadily decrease.

In the past week, Peru averaged 13.3 deaths a day. That is a 96.5% decrease from the record high of 377.5 deaths each day over the preceding week on April 23 — just six months ago.

Sadly, these number would be even better were it not for the misguided efforts of the anti-mask, anti-vaccine minority who continue to spread false information resulting in the deaths of innocent people. It’s so embarrassing that, for the poorly educated, watching YouTube videos and reading social media is an acceptable substitute for real science. Their denial of real work by people who have dedicated their lives to real research is inexplicable.

The population most susceptible to death from COVID-19 is the elderly who have been vaccinated at an amazing rate. Indeed, 70% of the population over the age of 30 is now fully vaccinated. Major programs are underway now to vaccinate those over 18 years of age with vaccination fo adolescents over the age of 12 set to begin in November.

In addition, the number of people hospitalized and those in ICU care are seeing rapid decreases as a result of the vaccination program.

Here are the latest numbers for those age groups over 30 years of age:

GE GROUP2 Doses1 Dose0 Doses

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