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As October comes to a close, I’ll be traveling to Puerto Maldonado for a couple of days’ filming and photography in the rainforest. I have been wanting to use my new Sigma 100-400 zoom lens to shoot wildlife for awhile. I’m tentatively planning to do some vlog-type video, too. I was hoping the new GoPro 10 would be available in Cusco before I left, but it looks like I’ll have to use my older GoPro that is still a great camera. One of my plans is to film piranhas eating underwater!

My trip to Arequipa for the first time was also put on hold thanks to another nationwide strike against fuel costs that’s set to begin on the day I was planning to travel. I haven’t rescheduled yet, but will likely try again in the second half of November. I’ve heard so much about Arequipa and there are some amazing places I really want to see on this first trip to “the White City” before going back to explore even more possibly in December.

I know I need to continue working on updating a lot of pages — especially the section on Machu Picchu. I was supposed to go to MaPi this week, but the transportation strike left me unable to get there so it looks like that trip is postponed for a couple of weeks.

I’m also working on a lengthy post about “Being a Traveler or a Tourist” and another about travel Issues that can come up at any time when traveling in Peru (based on lots of personal experience). When I return from Puerto Maldonado I’ll be sharing a detailed update on the COVID situation in Peru. (I monitor and analyze detailed data from the Ministry of Health every day plus the current rules will expire this Sunday and new ones should be published this weekend.) Looks like next month will be a busy one!

What’s New in the News!

COVID and Health News

  • New Restrictions and Vaccines Requirements
  • 79% Over Age 60 Now Fully Vaccinated
  • Older People May Start Receiving Booster Vaccines Next Week
  • Most Peruvians Over Age 30 Are Fully Vaccinated
  • Adolescent Vaccinations to Begin in November
  • Peru Hits Major Milestone in Vaccinations
  • Health Emergency Declared for 15 Regions Due to Dengue

Tourism News

  • Major Change to International Travel Rule
  • Work on New Cusco Airport’s Terminal to Begin in November
  • Changes to Curfew and Interprovincial Travel Requirements
  • Tourist Alert: Health Emergency Declared for 5 Jungle Provinces Due to Dengue
  • Machu Picchu Capacity and Route Expansions

Government, Economics, and Political News

  • Latest Poll on President Castillo and His Administration
  • Peru’s Vice President Under Investigation
  • Peru’s Minister of the Interior Under Investigation
  • President Castillo Announces New Advisor With a History of Disturbing Statements
  • New Poll Results: What Do Peruvians Think About the Change in Administration
  • Changes to Curfew and Interprovincial Travel Requirements

Other News

  • Ipsos Survey: Most Peruvians Think the Country is Disunited

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