Major New Requirements for People Over Age 50 Coming to Peru

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced that, beginning January 23, people over the age of 50 will have to provide documentation of having received three vaccine doses to enter enclosed spaces.

“In the case of people over 50 years of age, they should present their booster dose, because this pandemic affects the unvaccinated and people with comorbidities,” said Hernando Cevallos, Minister of Health. “We have to protect this sector.”

Regarding vaccination with booster doses, the Minister indicated that to date 5,548,136 people have received the booster dose, of which 53.3% are people over 60 years of age and people with comorbidities.

Another of the main modifications of the Supreme Decree 184-2020, is that 35 provinces of the country, in addition to Metropolitan Lima and Callao, have a high risk level: Arequipa, Camaná, Islay, Huánuco, Leoncio Prado, Cajamarca, Jaén, Huamanga, Tacna, Jorge Basadre, Ilo, Mariscal Nieto, Ica, Chincha, Pisco, Palpa, Huancayo, Satipo, Chanchamayo, Barranca, Huaral, Huarochirí, Piura, Talara, Paita, Sullana, Sechura, Morropón, Chiclayo, Lambayeque, Ferreñafe, Santa, Huaraz, Cusco, La Convención, Urubamba.

Cevallos pointed out that the coverage of the target population with the first dose increased to 88.9 %, and the coverage with two doses increased to 83.7 %.

He also reiterated that most intensive care beds are occupied by people who are not vaccinated or did not complete their doses.

“More than 90% of the patients who have died are unvaccinated or had incomplete vaccination,” warned Cevallos. “The non-vaccination is the sector that is filling the intensive care units.”

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2 thoughts on “Major New Requirements for People Over Age 50 Coming to Peru”

    1. According to the coming regulation, you wouldn’t be able to enter enclosed spaces without proof of a third dose.

      The obvious question would be why did someone wait so long to get vaccinated with two doses? There certainly could be legitimate reasons, but considering vaccines have been available in many (most?) places for months, one can’t help but wonder why there was a delay in vaccination in the first place.

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